Monday, May 17, 2010

The Dos and D'ohs! of Gardening, Part Two: Forget Band-Aids, I Need Beer

So, with my dad's help, I finally got around to moving my garden to the other side of my backyard. About an hour into digging the 36 square-foot plot, he summed up our efforts pretty effectively: "You know, they used to make prisoners do this kinda stuff."

I don't doubt it. Essentially, we were doing one of those easy monte tricks, except with tarps and hundreds of pounds of dirt. I managed to avoid blistering my hands this time, but man did my back hurt later that afternoon. I have to admit, though: for all our aches and efforts, the end product looks pretty good. All-in-all, I planted nine plants: one red tomato, three yellow tomatoes, one basil, one Thai chile, one anaheim chile, one white eggplant, and one orange bell pepper.

Here's hoping for some goodies by mid-July.

ps- If any of the neighborhood deer are reading this, don't get any ideas. The netting isn't for show.

pps- For the second time in as many posts: Thanks, Dad.

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