Monday, May 3, 2010

The Dos and D'ohs! of Gardening, Part One: %#@$!

So I finally built my summer vegetable garden. A raised bed in my backyard using posts from my old fence, compost I've been making since the fall, and some organic soil from Lowe's. Thirty-six square feet of sweat, blisters, and potential.

It's just a shame I didn't consider the big trees all around it.

Saturday was the first full day I was able to observe it. It was a gorgeous day, and like a kid waiting for Santa I checked on my creation every hour to see how the sun would hit it. Shadows at 9:00am. Shadows at 10:00am. Shadows still at 11:00am. Finally, at noon, I gazed down at the shadows that still covered my garden entirely, accepted that I'd have to move it to a sunnier spot across the yard, and exclaimed a four-letter word a little bit louder than my neighbors probably appreciated.

Looks like I'm gonna need some more band-aids.

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